Being the most innovative and advanced systems in the world, Fleet Track give you control of a broad range of situations, keeping you confident that in any unexpected situation, the system will function automatically.

The systems also enable online precise tracking and monitoring anywhere in the world.

  • vehicle Tracking The most sophisticated system of its kind for real-time fleet management and for the protection of both the vehicle and the driver.

  • GPS-Locks A clever combination of a high security padlock and an electronic alarm system, that provide information about its location, any opening and closing of the lock as well as any attempt to break it. A real time alert and monitoring from anywhere, to anywhere.

  • Goods Tracking The most sophisticated real-time tracking unit for the protection and management of merchandise. This is achieved by a stable and continuous system of the remote control of all possible events and situations affecting the merchandise.

  • Container Tracking Triton detects and alerts large number of events, such as door opening, breaking in through the side wall bypassing the door, blow or damage to the container, etc. Triton for reefer containers provides information about levels of temperature, humidity and gas.

  • Garmin Navigator With Garmin installed, know where you are, nearby locations and shortcuts incase you are lost. Full East African street wise and vocal support navigation with just a touch.

  • Personal Tracking For real time people location and management. A unique personal tracker that provides automatic supervision from a distance.

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