Fleet track as its name imply, we provide wide range of services based on Tracking for local and International , for trucks, small cars (salon) , Motorbikes, etc. We operate in East Africa.
Our service cover all over East Africa: TANZANIA – Head office (Dar es salaam). UGANDA KENYA BURUNDI MALAWI CONGO SUDAN ZAMBIA


Apart from real time tracking, we also provide many crucial reports for the vehicles such as fuel consumption, reports in any occurring events, customized report etc

The followings are partial list for the fleet management reports :

  • Harsh braking – Alerts whenever braking pad pressed on suddenly.
  • Night driving events – give alert according to the predefined time on the system. When the vehicle is driven during the night time.
  • Geo fencing – restrict the vehicle to enter the unrestricted area, as driver try to drive toward those area, in real time the system   alert you either on sms or email depends on clients preference.
  • Fuel consumption – Show how fuel used, the report come in two format , excel file and html file accompanied with graph chart.
  • Immobilizing – Giving you capability of remotely switching off the vehicle